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Positions Available:

  • Irrigation Technician

  • Drainage Technician

  • Project Sales/Designer

  • Project Crew Member

  • Project Supervisor

Irrigation techs are qualified persons that can handle a multitude of tasks relating to the troubleshooting and repairing of technical aspects to irrigation systems. These are persons licensed and trained to the Superlative Service standard, completing a thorough diagnostic and finding the best options to maintaining the systems integrity and coverage across all landscapes, lawns and plants for our clients' properties.

Drainage Technicians pay close attention to measurement details on depths, slopes and directions as laid out by a drainage plan. These persons have a clear understanding on the parts needed to complete the configuration and guide the flow of water to their determined exit points. The drainage tech takes the lead of the overall project and keeps their labor crew aligned with their expectations. Flow dynamics are a large part of the tech's ability to put plans into action and understanding the materials required to ensure flow is directed appropriately.

Sales members have experience in both explaining the value of our services to clients and drafting up the main ideas that will be brought to market. Our designers and sales personnel keep the company vision and brand in mind, as they find what the customers' needs are and fill in the gaps with proposals to match their expectations. The designers also have the ability to teach our clients the benefits and risks behind each installation in order to illustrate purpose from all the best options.

Project Supervisor is the leader to our crew members. They are out in the field as a direct communicator to all the moving parts and are otherwise the execution aspect to our sold work. They act as the bridge between the designer's intention, the service being sold and the customer's specific demands while out on a project. Project Supervisors take control when problems arise and continuously learn of our capabilities from moment to moment in order to keep our work flow moving with intent and flexibility where needed. 

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