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    Erosion control is a broad term to describe a vast array of methods for retaining ground. As we know, your landscapes, drains and general lawns embrace all the outdoor elements. Houston and the Greater Houston area are no strangers to inclement weather patterns and on such a short notice.  Often, when the vulnerable areas are struck with much velocity, there's no assurance that the ground will prevail. 

    We tend to gravitate towards stone works and retention-durable materials to withstand repeat weathering that could otherwise strip away at the loose ground, shifting drains, regrading the ground surface and destroying even the most robust landscapes.   


 Our erosion controlling methods beat the competition because we take a broader view of most likely course for weathering and runoff. Your ideal contractor should understand the basic water dynamics based on surface grades, composition and the surrounding obstacles that could either hinder or help in avoiding that long term problem with erosion. 

Superlative Service Inc uses all of those considerations to select the from the most competent materials in building a sturdy and reliable barrier and/or pathway for water to divert to. 

  As landscape experts, we have been entrusted with tying these solutions in with very unique looks so that our customers can achieve the same goal in a manner that also adds a nice finishing touch to your outdoor hardscapes and landscapes. Ideally, your erosion control measures should meld right into the overall scenery, which is exactly what we've worked so hard in doing. Our portfolio is chock-full of different designs that customers may want to recycle and certainly do so for a much lower cost than these competitors. 

Erosion Control is treated much in the same as our other services. We intend for it to be as thorough of a process, as it takes shape for lasting a very long time and with intelligent functionality



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  • Protect your landscapes

  • Steady your drain boxes

  • Secure commercial property, slopes and retention ponds

  • Build Barriers to retain property abreast to creeks

  • Eradicate repeat weather conditions as a factor