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The cornerstone of every yard is an iconic landscape design that complements your home and completed to scale further than your imagination. You'll come to find that Superlative Service takes homes and commercial building to the next level. We'll ensure that all details are and expectations are shared before we even get started. 

You will absolutely love the way your day-to-day scenery evolves. And that's just the thing that keeps us doing what we do. Our landscapes never stop to appear the exact same over time. We follow a horticulture-based guidelines that acknowledge the plants' growth and how that will enhance the evolution of your landscape over time. This is a very holistic approach and the only truly valid course to guarantee satisfaction for many years to come.

   Our clients can expect that we leave you educated on your new installations, providing you with the details needed to maintain and care the specimens of choice so that they can fill out in a controlled manner overtime. Caring for plants are relatively easy. We recommend dedicating 1/2 hour every week to briefly inspect and nurture your landscape over that first year of explosive growth and changes. Doing this will guide their growth to fit the desired display over time and also make it very fairly easy to do any type of upkeep as the landscape becomes established and mature.

Beyond that, we'll do our part in making sure you are well equipped to handle all four seasons (Texas has two, technically) and any other information specific to the vegetation type. 

 Our company has two very knowledgeable professionals in life science that can answer any questions for as long as you may have uncertainty. We advocate taking the time to research independently, but we are always here at your disposal. 

To stay up-to-date on tips from professionals, we leave articles and blogs as a lasting directive posted on our facebook page. This is handy for landscape/irrigation system tweaks that are essential with those drastic weather changes.


On another note, Superlative Service has taken great strides to search for healthful products with the least eco-impact while still getting the job done. We've made it our responsibility to guarantee safe formulas with  stable ingredients. It's really the least we can do with all that we do.

Here are some reasons why we are your go-to option for landscaping and yard maintenance: 

  1.  Trained professionals with thoughtful designs.

  2.  Great Supplier relations to pass on great prices

  3.  thorough layering to optimize the landscape's conditions

  4. Lifelong expertise at your disposal to stay informed

  5.  Very adaptive culture in how we accommodate our clients' visions

We'll even offer free pressure washing for driveway and patios once your outdoor layouts have been made whole with careful design and robust, living artistry. 

We really want to solidify your choice with a job well done.



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