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I'ts time to take your landscape designs, property under management or beautiful scenery to the next level. This is why superlative service has amped up its knack for dynamic lighting

Our standards place lighting where we know will give the scenery multi-dimensional effect. It's more than lighting things up at night for the added security; we also like for our clients to experience the calming appeal of quality lighting. 


Great Considerations:

  •    Hidden Source

  •    Effective Angles

  •    Energy Efficient Options

  •    Remote or Timer Activated

  •    Solar Powered 

  •    Deep Projections

  •    Clean Wiring


Great lighting factors in the infrastructure and the concept we like to achieve and finding where those two elements meet cleanly, seamlessly and elegantly. 

No one wants a mess of wiring with crudely imposed hooks and tethers.

With Superlative Service, we pledge that regardless of implements chosen, all lighting will be fastened cleanly. For the low-powered settings, we encourage solar lighting, as we make our connections available to you in finding the green-solution lighting at a very affordable installation cost. 

  For high-powered lighting solutions, you should expect well hidden wiring and crafty ways to make the installation mesh with the landscapes so that you can enjoy your lights as though it's illuminating very organically. 

For further suggestions on your specific lighting desires, feel free to check out a trusted supplier.  On HEREyou'll find all sorts of lighting options to fit in with decks, patios, masonry and more. Simply select from your favorites, share your ideas with us and we'll do the rest from start to finish. We have great installation deals to go along with your landscapes from us. 

Outdoor Lighting


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Previous clients are welcome to ask for our discount.

With partnered suppliers, our options are virtually limitless. 

Select different tones, styles and colors of your lighting. Some options allow your lighting to be a more stand-out structure to give the landscapes accented styles that really coordinate well with the ambiance  you're going for.

Click HERE to get your feet wet on some ideas, and we'll get the job done.

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